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Marigold Records: An Introduction
Xayn Naz

Marigold Records: An Introduction

Hello dear reader, 

Welcome to our long overdue introduction post! 

Marigold Records came into fruition in 2023 when friends Xayn and Taylor (aka DJ Honeyho - now of Wax Rabbit Records) got together to sell records at pop-up shops.


This past year was my first foray into selling records after almost two decades of collecting. It's a great passion of mine and I've dreamt about opening my own storefront for so, so long. I even came up with the name "Marigold Records" about 7 years ago. 

However, life has its way of making things far more difficult than expected.

A few major changes later, and I (Xayn) moved to New York City from my hometown of San Diego. Taylor continued on in San Diego with her own thing, called Wax Rabbit. She regularly does events at Cafe Calabria - if you're in the area, (and I know some of you are) be sure to check it out! 

Currently, Marigold is located in... the basement of my Bushwick apartment. I started selling records via this website a couple months after we started Marigold, and recently I've started selling on Discogs as well. 

It's been a journey, that's for sure. I've never worked at a record store. My background is in Museum and Gallery studies. Granted, I'm also a vinyl DJ, but even that is very new to me - I played my first vinyl only set three years ago. 

I've had to teach myself how to properly grade, package, and ship records. I have boxes and boxes full of records, tapes, and CDs that still need to be graded and posted.

They're entirely taking over my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I love handling these pieces of art every day. I love carefully packaging it up for someone that is eagerly awaiting for it - whether they're down the street or in a different country entirely. 

Vinyl records are incredibly special for something so simplistic in its raw form.

They are essentially permanent (unless destroyed) etchings of sound. I think it's absolutely mind blowing that we're able to physically hold something that contains music that may mean the world to someone. 

Anyway, I wanted to just make this introduction so you know that this is run by an actual person that loves and treats these records just like their own. 

Like I said, I've been collecting for a long time, holding onto a silly little dream that maybe one day I'll have my own storefront to directly connect with people over something that is so special. This is the first step toward making that dream come true. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the love, positivity, and support I've received upon starting this up.